Now Accepting Submissions for My New Distro

Hey everyone!

I've been making zines since I was in the 8th grade, and I spent time distroing zines for almost 3 years.

I used to operate my distro under other names including Hello Saturday, and This Saturday Night, I had to stop distroing due to college, but now I have more free time to devote to a distro so I'm going to open one!

I'm looking for zines of all kinds, including music, pesonal, resource, DIY, and anything else! I'd really would love to get more music and per zines though.

Also if you have stickers, patches, books, or music, I'd love to add those to the distro too!

If you are interested you can mail your zine to: 


4535 S Lockwood Ridge Rd
Sarasota, FL 34231

If you'd like to submit an electronic copy you can email it to:
*I can do consignment or wholesale, whichever is easiest for you!


LOW #0



LOW is a 6 page minizine, with drawings, collages, photos, and embroidered designs by .... me!
this is my first attempt at a serial zine, issued every month [or so] about post-industrial art, culture, and general bedlam.
LOW is also my first time using this mini-format!
available through the ilhu industries etsy, or hit me up for trades! 

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Art zines and stuff

Art zine by Wai Au
16 pages art zine, 4"x4.5"
Black and white illustrations done with sumi brush as a tribute to the paranormal Japanese cop show, SPEC.
$5 (USD or CAD) with shipping to anywhere
To get a copy, please paypal to gardener_[at]hotmail[dot]com
You can also get it at my etsy store
Any questions, reply to this post!
Thanks :D

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My Friends recently self-published a very beautiful book, Arabesque, about the otome/maiden aesthetic.

Inspired by the recalling of the tiny loves, dreams and fancies that comfort and console the mind, Arabesque is an aesthetic zine aimed at all things beautiful and refined as based on the Japanese concept of otome, or maiden.

Highlights from the newest issue include an article on Weimar era films, a fashion guide for train travel, adaptations of familiar folk tales like the Red Shoes, and comics and illustrations from creators like Jordyn Bochon, Colleen MacIssac, Kris Mukai, and Angie Wang. From the city and film to traditions and folktales, this issue traverses across space, time, and memory.

Contributors: Jordyn Bochon, Anthony Cudahy, Sarah Ferrick, Hilary Florido, Kim Hoang, Rachel Law, Jane Mai, Powflip, Colleen MacIsaac, Kat Mukai, Kris Mukai, Johnny Mukai, Mickey Quinn, Rinna Saramaki, saicoink, Jacquelyn Thurmond, Angie Wang, Anna Wieszcyk.

To order, please go to this page:


Last but not least:

The comic anthology that I worked on about Tamagotchi!

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Shards of My Reality is my first ever perzine, and I thought I would kick it off with a Hello to the Zine Scene at large. :)
It includes some of my artwork, comics, some information about me and who I am, ect. ect. including a SUPRISE ENDING (I say suprise, because something exciting happened while I was still working on this zine that was a suprise to me, and I end off the zine by mentioning what "it" was :D)

Future issues of Shards of My Reality will be less scattered and more serious subject matter, but I thought Id just introduce myself first, so here you go.

24 pages, half sized.
3.00$ or trade
Available for sale on ArtFire


Just finished my new zine, Insomnia!

This has taken me a while to do, drawing comics is a lot of work.
Im so excited to release it!

17 pages in all, this is a detailed guide to all the ways that I personally have tried to fight off insomnia. Its called a "warriors guide" because Iv kind of done a battle theme, breaking it into three sections: Weapons (outside substances that alter your state to make you sleepy), Battlefields (your sleep enviroment) and Stratagies (methods to become sleepy).

For sale on my ArtFire
(email me for trades at

Pretty Pussy!


My first ever zine, a comic booklet of 14 pages, black and white and printed on pink paper, on how-tos and tips for how to remove pubic hair and avoid ingrown hairs and itchy rashes.

If this listing says "Sold-Out" check my account for another listing, wait untill I relist it, or just message me. :)

Introductions, hello!

Hi everyone!
Im new and just getting into zine making, though Iv been zine collecting for a little while already. Iv recently joined so sorry if this is repeat for any of you.. cross posting to try and emerse myself more thoughroughly into the online zine community, and since LJ is my blog of choice, thought Id find an active LJ community.

I mostly read comic zines, I was introduced to the entire concept of a zine through looking for indie self published comic books. I am a fascinated by comics as a medium and am always looking for more interesting, innovating and/or non-conventional comics to read. Avid reader of japanese manga as well as american comics as well, but Im interested in collecting comics that dont make the radar of many comic enthusiasts. Self published works fascinate me because its like a secret hidden gem to my book collection, and represents an artist like myself trying to get their work out there.

I am an artist and am trying to get into comic making myself.

My very first zine which I am working on right now is entitled "Pretty Pussy! Hair care for Sensitive Girls" and is a how-to guide on how remove pubic hair and avoid ingrown hairs and rash afterwards. Its a project based on my own struggle trying to find ways to maintain that area without the rash, and something that I think a lot of girls struggle with. In general I want my zines to somehow touch of issues of body image girls face and be uplifting and helpfull.

Sooo what else about myself, lets see... I am 22, female of course, and have been drawing for as long as I can remember. Im saving money to go to school, we shall see where that takes me lol.

Im hoping to make many new friends in this community, and feel free to add me! I have been collecting comic zines for a while now but never really got the chance to converse with the artists responsible for them since Iv only bought on etsy.

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Someday, Howl

motherhood possesses an edge of complex darkness: loss, desperation, love, mourning, guilt, eventual [inevitable] medications.
trying to navigate strange waters, "F" copes with the upheaval that has occurred in her life with the birth of her daughter by weeping, eating, consuming, cleaning.

-prose chapbook
-28 half-pages [over 2700 words]
-open edition
-4$USD shipped canada/usa, 5$USD international
-if you'd like one, please paypal to [or i can invoice you, as you like]

[etsy links coming; please let me know if you'd like a reserved listing]