Eruanna (eruannatel) wrote in zines_canada,

Introductions, hello!

Hi everyone!
Im new and just getting into zine making, though Iv been zine collecting for a little while already. Iv recently joined so sorry if this is repeat for any of you.. cross posting to try and emerse myself more thoughroughly into the online zine community, and since LJ is my blog of choice, thought Id find an active LJ community.

I mostly read comic zines, I was introduced to the entire concept of a zine through looking for indie self published comic books. I am a fascinated by comics as a medium and am always looking for more interesting, innovating and/or non-conventional comics to read. Avid reader of japanese manga as well as american comics as well, but Im interested in collecting comics that dont make the radar of many comic enthusiasts. Self published works fascinate me because its like a secret hidden gem to my book collection, and represents an artist like myself trying to get their work out there.

I am an artist and am trying to get into comic making myself.

My very first zine which I am working on right now is entitled "Pretty Pussy! Hair care for Sensitive Girls" and is a how-to guide on how remove pubic hair and avoid ingrown hairs and rash afterwards. Its a project based on my own struggle trying to find ways to maintain that area without the rash, and something that I think a lot of girls struggle with. In general I want my zines to somehow touch of issues of body image girls face and be uplifting and helpfull.

Sooo what else about myself, lets see... I am 22, female of course, and have been drawing for as long as I can remember. Im saving money to go to school, we shall see where that takes me lol.

Im hoping to make many new friends in this community, and feel free to add me! I have been collecting comic zines for a while now but never really got the chance to converse with the artists responsible for them since Iv only bought on etsy.

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