Adrian Fynch (bittirsweet) wrote in zines_canada,
Adrian Fynch

Finally. Fucking. Finished.

"Because where we are we won't always be & shit man, that could be me - getting hurt, hurting someone, getting all crashed down upon - burning holes in butterfly's wings while wishing, just wishing for other things"

It's been three years in the making, but it's finally done! Sleeps With Ghosts #1 is a collection of thoughts, images, and poems spanning my life since 2006, shortly after returning from Kenya. It deals with trying to get out there in the world and figuring out how to make life live-able, falling down and getting back up again. I like a full-looking zine, so as a result my zines are usually full to the brim of text and pictures, and this is no exception.

This zine is $3+S&H or trade
The first printing is about halfway gone already, but there will be more, so please email me if interested! sleepswthghosts[at]yahoo[dot]ca

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