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Arabesque zine now avaliable for pre-order!

Visit the webpage for more information and to preorder a copy!

We have an array of international contributors but the book is produced and handbound in Canada. We will also have a table at Canzine in Toronto this November 1st. Hope to see some of you there!

Arabesque is an aesthetic zine aimed at all things beautiful and refined. Inspired by the Japanese concept of otome, or maiden, it recalls the tiny loves, dreams and fancies that comfort and console the mind. Imagine: a good cup of tea at a cafe you chanced on a rainy day, the delicacy of light playing on an embroidered silk handkerchief, a whisper of music passing through an open window; you walk through the forest, breathe in the crisp and cool autumn air- lost in the wonder of every day life.

The book is also lovingly hand-bound with over 100+ pages and 13 colour pages with a two colour cover printed on cardstock. All copies come with a free greeting card.

Features a range of articles such as a brief history of lace and needlework, a translation of Yoshiya Nobuko's Flower stories, an article on pre-WWII Japanese girls magazines, a discussion of women featured in the work of Mucha & Klimt, and an assortment of other articles on fabrics and styling. The zine also features an array of artists, designers and illustrators offering their artwork - pen, ink, brushwork to accompany many of the articles.

Reserve your copy now!

Reservations are open till October 10th, we will be shipping them out around October 15th-20th (mid-Oct release). Reservation is strongly suggested if you want a copy as it is a limited print run. You won't have to pay until the books are ready to ship. As copies are handbound with perfect binding, we can only afford to make so many.

Main site:
Add us on Facebook!

Thanks for your support! m(_ _)m

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