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pink-I #2

"I won't complain
I took the bullet
I decided to do it"

pink-I is a series of 5 original zine art books. no one book is like the other; these are original works of art.

using only sentences that begin with the word "I", each book tells the story of one girl. the work is a unique blend of collage and prose- what the tale is really about, you have to decide for yourself.

44 pages

check out number 2


24 hour zine challenge -- kick off event this WEDNESDAY at the toronto zine library!

Happy (belated) International Zine Month everyone!

To celebrate, the Toronto Zine Library is participating in the 24 hour zine challenge and we would love for you to join us! We are hosting a kick off event this Wednesday, July 28th starting at 5pm and going strong until the Tranzac Club closes.

What is the 24 hour zine challenge, you ask?
A yearly event where one attempts to make a 24 page zine from start to finish in 24 hours. From initial idea right through to photocopying/collating/stapling your zine. More information, list of this year's participants and sign up can be found here: http://24hourzines.com/

(Please note that you dont *have* to register and/or send your zine in when its finished. We encourage you participate to whatever degree you are most comfortable with. Or, you are welcome to just come and hang out at the TZL and cheer participants on!)

Bring your ideas and if youre able a snack to share while we hang out, listen to music, and get a start on our 24 hour zines! Some supplies will be available (paper, glue, scissors, magazine clippings, a couple of typewriters, a long arm stapler) but please do bring your favourite or necessary zine making supplies. Conveniently, there is a 24 hour Kinkos a half-block away!

Also, similar to the event folks at the Independent Pubishing Resource Center (http://www.iprc.org/) in Portland Oregon held a few days ago, we will be streaming our 24 hour zine challenge event live! If you're unable to join us, bookmark http://www.ustream.tv/channel/toronto-zine-library-24hr-zine-challenege and tune in on Wednesday starting at 5pm EST and participate alongside us from wherever you may be.

Ok, to recap:

WHEN: wednesday july 28th, 5pm until close
WHERE: the toronto zine library -- 2nd floor of the tranzac club -- 292 brunswick st. just south of bloor. close to spadina subway station
COST: free!
WHAT: 24 hour zine challenge kick off
BRING: yourself, your friends, snacks, creativity, zine making supplies, ideas

Holler at us if you have any additional questions or concerns. We regret that the TZL is not a wheelchair accessible space.

The Toronto Zine Library
292 Brunswick Ave, 2nd floor
torontozinelibrary@gmail.com (new email address, please update your lists!)

new zine!


This zine was fueled by Polaroids, heartache, and Regina Spektor. It's a journey through memories and emotion and it's up to your own interpretation because, in the words of King Haggard, "My secrets keep themselves."

It's 34 pages, 1/2 sized and full colour, which also makes it $5
[This just barely covers my copying costs. Previous buyers think it's worth it!]

For sneak previews or to purchase, visit my etsy. I also accept Paypal (sleepswthghosts[at]yahoo[dot]ca), snail mail, and trades [Email me for details!].

Do you make funny zines?

I am planning to put together a new episode of ZINECORE RADIO. I am looking for some guests who make zines that are about comedy or meant to be comedic.

If you have such a project please get in touch and tell me about your work.

I'd love to have you as a guest.



Hello Zines Canada!

I've been watching this beautiful community for years now and have just decided to make my very first post!

I edit and create the zine Three Syllable Words. If you were in toronto last year you may have found yourself dipping your hands into a bucket of free zines at various corners in the city, just to grab onto your very own issue. Well, we're back and with an Etsy! SO, if you're into zines about friends and halloween or just looking to fuel your need for independant writing and illustration, you can head over and take a little gander around the shop.


- Betty MAC

ALSO: if free is your price, head over to http://www.syphmag.net for many the talented writer and a backlog that is sure to keep you going through the rest of the winter season.

Your zines. Or unwanted zines. Or both.

Hey everyone! I just wanted to post and say that I'm starting a distro called This Saturday Night, and I am accepting submissions, we are looking for pretty much any type of zine!
Nothings really on our site yet, but here is the url: thissaturdaynight.net
If you are interested please email me at thissaturdaynight@yahoo.com.

*Also if you have unwanted zines or comics please email me so I can take it off your hands!

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urban fictions 3rd run cover


Urban Fictions #1: Black Flies in Brooklyn
a picture book for adults

during a high-summer heatwave
"X", a 30-something writer
visits new york city for the first time
spending her days drifting through the streets
hot and hung over


an edward gorey-esque silly counting book for the corvid lover in your life:

counting crows zine


For Lack of Better Words


For Lack of Better Words is my first quarter-size zine and it's a compilation of love letters, from me and for me. Making it was a project in appreciation and reflection and now I'm sharing it with you! There's not much more I can say about this one because I prefer to let the letters speak for themselves. There are some pictures in my album if you'd like to have a peak inside.

It's 40 pages, $2+shipping or trade.
email me at sleepswthghosts[at]yahoo[dot]ca