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Beautiful Mess #2 is out! This issue features moving away from Calgary and trying to find myself in Montreal, dealing with an identity crisis and venting my frustrations from working in the beauty industry. I talk about learning to love myself after being self destructive for most of my life and looking back on past work, as well as a large piece about my adventure to Burning Man. There is an obituary for my favourite snail, a description of how snakes eat, and a sexy centerfold, plus more!

half size, 40 pages
$3 plus shipping or select trades

Ziney resources in Vancouver

Hello all,

This is rather late notice, but I'm teaching a zine workshop on Monday, and I thought I should make sure I don't leave out any major resources here in Vancouver. I've got VPL's collection, the lowercase reading room, Spartacus, the Purple Thistle...anything glaring I'm missing?


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urban fictions 3rd run cover

the last print run of urban fictions #1 is available now-

rban Fictions #1: Black Flies in Brooklyn
a picture book for adults

during a high-summer heatwave
"X", a 30-something writer
visits new york city for the first time
spending her days drifting through the streets
hot and hung over

only 13 copies in this print run
44 page quarter zine [pages are appx 4"x5"]
featuring 15 full colour photos
and 22 pages of new prose fiction
just over 2000 words
by catherine lawrence

-hand cut & trimmed
-numbered 1 to 13
-bound w/ embroidery thread


call for submissions [x-posted]

Hey everyone,

I'm going to be putting together a zine in the next few months about the affects of sexism on men. My idea of feminism revolves around duality and equality and you can't fix one side without looking at the other, and I feel this is something that is very poorly represented in the feminist community, and outside it. There is as strong an influence on men to dress/act/think a certain way as much as there is on women and people seem to forget this and blame the men themselves for their behaviour, which is often a product of their own oppression. In order to break this pattern, I feel there needs to be an increase of awareness and discussion and I'd like to facilitate that in my own way with the creation of this zine. I want to look at what exactly these stereotypes and influences are, how they affect men, and what can be/is being done to combat it.

I would prefer submissions from male-identified people primarily, but I will be accepting some submissions from females as well, provided it's relevant and presents a poignant view of the subject.
As for your actual submissions, I'm looking for essays, articles, poetry, firsthand accounts, art, photos...whatever you've got, really, that will fit into a zine. There are no limits to length, but please try to be as specific as possible. I'd like to get right into the meat of this. As well, please include whether you'd like to be credited or if you'd prefer to remain anonymous. If you'd like credit, please include your Name/pseudonym, the zine[s] you write, contact info [preferably email], and your website if you have one.

I can't guarantee everything will make it in, depending on how much I get and the quality of said material, but I'll do my best! Everyone who's material is included will receive a copy of the zine upon its completion.

As well, I'm also going to be conducting a series of interviews with male-identified people to discuss their personal experiences and views on the subject. If you are interested in being interviewed, please send me a message!

Submissions deadline is loosely the end of November.

As well, if you have any questions or comments about the project, please don't hesitate to approach me!

TODAY in toronto

@ the tranzac club (272 brunswick ave, west of spadina & just south of bloor st)

ALSO, make sure you head upstairs to the 2nd floor where the Toronto Zine Library is holding an open house & drop-in, collaborative zine making workshop. its FREE!
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Finally. Fucking. Finished.

"Because where we are we won't always be & shit man, that could be me - getting hurt, hurting someone, getting all crashed down upon - burning holes in butterfly's wings while wishing, just wishing for other things"

It's been three years in the making, but it's finally done! Sleeps With Ghosts #1 is a collection of thoughts, images, and poems spanning my life since 2006, shortly after returning from Kenya. It deals with trying to get out there in the world and figuring out how to make life live-able, falling down and getting back up again. I like a full-looking zine, so as a result my zines are usually full to the brim of text and pictures, and this is no exception.

This zine is $3+S&H or trade
The first printing is about halfway gone already, but there will be more, so please email me if interested! sleepswthghosts[at]yahoo[dot]ca


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BRUCE SPRINGSTZINE 1: WEEKEND IN THE VOID takes place in Toronto, on Canzine weekend last October. I flew in from Vancouver, and had exactly 36 hours from touchdown to takeoff again. What follows is a detailed report on that day and a half of sleep deprivation, self-abuse and small pressery. Sometimes vague and deranged, sometimes lucidly hung over, this is an honest report, complete with hand written field notes, of what happens when a writer (Joey Comeau) and a publisher (myself) attempt to stay up for 36 hours, fueled mainly on energy drinks, little orange pills, and pharmaceutical grade tequila.
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