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I am offering up a beautiful new zine, my very first effort: Creatures of Water and Clay (#1). It features art and writing from all sorts of terribly talented people, mostly based in Halifax (at my school) but some not. PWYC to cover photocopying costs for about 24 pages of half-size, or trade for your zine.

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Email jacqueline dot vincent at gmail for more details and to trade addresses, or comment here.

hello, all

Hi there,

I'm new to this community, and only recently (in the past week) started this amazing business of zine-making. I'm now deeply in love with it and the myriad possibilities of the photocopier.

I'm selling 4 of my zines on my etsy. They're all mini 8-page zines fully illustrated, written and lovingly put together by yours truly.

i. All Life's a Waking Dream: a mini-zine of haikus, replete with original illustrations


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we all know what happens from 1-10 when we count crows, but what comes after?
HILARITY, that's what.
this 44 page quarter zine contains over 800 hand drawn crows in situations that could only come from the mind of reqbat, plus rhymes to make you giggle.

<>order @ reqbat's etsy shop</a>